Best Insulation for Cargo Trailer Conversion

How much insulation you need depends on your climate? 

and the amount of insulation you have currently, and your plans for your future.

The Different Types of Insulation for Cargo Trailers


A ventilating system is also a must-have for your trailer.

Concealed Air Entry

A blanket or waterproof cover to the door provides a warm and humid environment to the interior. 

Closed Off Air Entry

Concealed door systems are ideal for caravans and gypsy wagons and are usually installed to the back of the trailer. 

According to ASHRAE, up to 3 inches of insulation should be used in the cargo area of your camper, which includes both the trailer and the bunk area. 

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In this article, we will discuss the various types of insulation you can use for your trailer and how much insulation you need for different climates.