Tiny Home vs RV – Which Is the Best Choice for You?

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Tiny Home vs RV – which is the best choice for you? To fully answer that question, let’s take a short trip down the path of truth. 

The Tiny Home vs RV debate is never-ending. RVing living can be an all-encompassing lifestyle for some. Others are satisfied with the simple luxury of a Tiny Home. In all honesty, they both serve their functions extremely well.

Although these different sides don’t want to admit it, there are advantages and disadvantages to both ways of living. 

Is one choice really better than the other? That’s what this article aims to find out. Read on as we walk you through the good, bad, and downright nasty truths of both RV and Tiny Home living.

What Makes Tiny Houses Better?

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1. They Are Extremely Similar to Traditional Homes

Tiny Homes are literally what they say they are – Tiny Homes. They look like larger houses and can offer most amenities like any house.

2. Tiny Homes Can Really Stand Up to the Weather

While not all Tiny Homes are made the same, most of them are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. This is handy to remember when the weather takes a turn for the worst. 

3. They Are Constructed From Environmentally Friendly Materials

Tiny Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and they can offer all kinds of benefits including reduced energy consumption, reduced environmental impact, and reduced home maintenance. 

4. They Can Be Customized to Your Heart’s Content

Nearly any type of material can easily be added to a Tiny Home and the home can be built to almost any shape. With an RV you are stuck with however the manufacturer builds it. Normally this will be a long box shape.

5. Aesthetically, They Are More Pleasing To Look At

Tiny Homes offer more style than most RVs. This goes for the inside of the home as well. Limitless possibilities can be applied to a Tiny Home’s appearance. RVs look like shoe boxes no matter what. 


1. Insuring Them Can Be a Mess

Because many Tiny Homes have wheels attached by the owners to bypass certain regulations or tax obligations, some insurance companies will refuse to insure them because they are technically classified as RVs.  

2. You Can’t Treat It Like an RV

Don’t even think about taking your Tiny Home on weekend excursions to the RV park. The house’s frame can’t take that sort of frequent stress.

What Makes Campers and Recreational Vehicles Better Than a Tiny Home?

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Tiny home vs rv - which is the best choice for you?


1. You Can Take Them Nearly Anyplace You Want

Total independence is the main reason RVers prefer their lifestyle. The ability to go anywhere you want at any time can be irresistible. You can’t do that with a Tiny Home.

2. Less Restrictive Legalities

RVers don’t have to worry about things like purchasing a plot of land, school tax, property tax, utilities or any other legal facets that living in a Tiny Home would bring. 

3. Buying Used Can Save Lots of Money Versus a Tiny Home

Any used RV will be much cheaper to both purchases and customize than buying a Tiny Home. Just think of things like new or used furniture, appliances, and other items that can be added to the RV cheaply.

4. They Fit In With Nearly Any Background

RVs can simply be put out of sight if they are not needed. They fit into nearly any environment without causing an eyesore. Most RVs blend in next to trees or even in the backyard perfectly. 


1. Cannot Beat a Tiny Home for Insulation

A Tiny Home is still a house. They can offer way more insulation and waterproofing advantages than even the ultra-high-end RVs ever could. 

2. More Difficult To Customize Due to the Cheaper Construction Materials

We gotta call it as we see it: a lot of RVs are cheaply made. Thin walls, particleboard, and other materials make it hard to customize the RV. You also have to worry about making sure new items fit within a range of specific measurements including item weight.  

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Head to Head Comparison – Tiny House vs RV


This is a no-brainer – the RV will win this comparison every time since you can take it anywhere you like.

Legal/Insurance Issues

The advantage goes to the RV. Fewer taxes and utilities to have to worry about.


Only the most high-end of RVs can match the comfort of a house, tiny or otherwise. The Tiny Home wins this round.

Weather Protection

The Tiny Home easily wins this comparison with better insulation, a more stable foundation, and many other factors.


The RV will typically cost a fraction of the price of a Tiny Home. RVers don’t normally ever need to worry about purchasing a plot or dealing with the associated taxes or other things such as utilities. 


We hope you enjoyed this article. Some people love to maintain their RV independence and will never sacrifice it for anything. Some simply prefer to live in a bit more luxury, comfort, and stability of a Tiny Home.  

Tiny Home vs RV – which is the best choice for you? In the end, the answer is whichever you want it to be.

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