How To Use RV Toilet Chemicals

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The RV toilet is one of the most overlooked parts of our RV. You would think that once you set up your toilet in your RV that you would never need to refill it. This is not the case. 

For many RVers, RV toilet chemicals are a luxury they rarely, if ever, use. However, RV toilets are a complex system that performs many functions, including those of a wastewater treatment system. 

How often and when to use RV toilet chemicals is an important decision and not one that needs to be made in haste. This article will show you exactly how to use RV toilet chemicals.

What Are RV Toilet Chemicals?

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The RV toilet is often used as a wastewater treatment system and will be treating your toilet tank contents. This means that it will be adding chemicals to the toilet tank to kill any other microorganisms. 

RV toilet chemicals are intended to work in conjunction with an RV’s plumbing system. They are not essential tools for RVers but are useful when they are needed. 

Although RV toilet chemicals are useful for killing any other microbial growth, they are not meant to be used as replacements for your RV plumbing system. They will not address problems in your RV plumbing system that you can find with the hose connected to the sewer. 

You should never use RV toilet chemicals to replace your RV plumbing system.

Why Do I Need RV Toilet Chemicals?

RV toilet chemicals are required by federal and state laws for your RV toilet to function as a wastewater treatment system. When water goes into the RV toilet, it becomes its first “treatment phase.” 

Just like a fish tank, the first phase of treatment is simply removing loose material. Most RV toilets only use one step in the system, but one step can make a big difference. 

How Often Should RV Tank Chemicals Be Used?

RV toilets are capable of taking a lot more contaminants than the standard toilets found in most houses and apartments. They still need to be cleaned regularly, especially if you live in an RV full time. Normally you’ll want to add the chemicals after dumping your blackwater tanks each time. 

Types of RV Toilet Chemicals

1. Liquids

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Liquids such as sprays, shower sprays and other disinfectants are always handy for the RV toilet. These can be poured straight down the toilet. 

If you have specific needs that you need to be met, such as spraying jets or removing soap scum, you will need to find out what the correct product is and try it out.

2. Powders

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Powder RV tank chemicals come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but they all work to keep your RV toilet clean, fresh, and sanitized. They’ll keep your water tank clean too,

You’ll also be able to keep your RV’s pipes free of calcium build-up and debris. Powders are easy to apply whenever you need them.

3. Packets

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Packets are a popular option for getting your RV toilet nice and clean. A disinfectant is the main chemical used for sanitation purposes in an RV toilet. It helps remove impurities and odors, along with killing germs and bacteria. 

Step by Step: How To Use RV Toilet Chemicals

Use the following steps whether you are at an RV dumping station or at home with a proper disposal container:

  1. Close off all tank valves before starting
  2. Attach your sewer hose to your tank on one end and connect the other end at the dump container
  3. Open/remove the black tank outlet on your RV and let everything flow out
  4. Flush out your tank and repeat the steps if necessary
  5. Open the tank valves and fill up your black tank
  6. Add toilet chemicals to control the breakdown of any further waste and to disinfect the toilet
  7. Clean/wipedown outer portions of the toilet

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When Should I Add Chemicals to My RV Toilet?

The most common question RVers ask is “When should I add chemicals to my RV toilet?” You can decide to add chemicals to your RV toilet whenever you feel it is necessary. 

In most cases, the best time to add chemicals to your RV toilet is when you empty your black tanks. 

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How Do You Treat an RV Toilet?

How do you treat an RV toilet? Some RVers set up a gravity system to rinse off and flush the RV toilet after each use. This is generally a very safe way to treat the RV toilet. 

You use a toilet brush to apply soap and water to the bowl. The seat, lid, and front and back of the bowl are then sprayed with disinfecting solution. 


And now you know how to use RV toilet chemicals. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you spend a lot of time in your RV, you need to know exactly how much you use, and how it’ll benefit you to clean your RV’s toilet. Just follow the steps in our article and you’ll have a clean and great smelling RV toilet in no time.

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