How to Remove Decals from Your RV

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Traveling the summer in a recreational vehicle is a wonderful way to explore the country and spend quality time with friends or family. Spending time together in the great outdoors is a great way to make memories together. In order to commemorate the memories, you may decide to get decals to represent all of the destinations you have visited. But what if you choose to remove these decals later on? Keep reading to learn more about removing decals from your RV. 

Are Decals Removable? 

Decals were created to be permanent. They are made with heavy adhesive in order that they permanently stick to the outside of the vehicle. Made to withstand weather, they can stick to your vehicle for many many years. However, even though they are designed to last for a long time, decals can start to wear after time, although the adhesive backing can stay intact. If you really wish to remove the decal from your vehicle, you are able to do so. Keep in mind that once you remove the decal, it will not stick to any surface again. 

Will Decals Harm the Painted Surfaces of the RV? 

Paint that is underneath a decal is not harmed. In fact, it will be protected from the sun’s rays. If you were to remove a decal from a painted surface of your RV, the paint underneath would be darker than the surrounding painted areas. Placing or removing a decal on your vehicle rarely harms the paint job, unless it is of very poor quality.  

How To Remove Decals From Your RV Exterior 

Step One: Warm Up The Decal Adhesive

To begin the process of removing a decal, use heat. This will make it much easier to peel off the adhesive. Different approaches to applying heat to the area include a hairdryer, steamer, or sunlight. 

Step Two: Start Peeling The Decals

Once the heat has loosened the decals, it’s time to start peeling them off. You can use your fingernails, but you may also use tools to help make the process easier. Other options for removing decals are a razor (use with caution so as not to scratch the paint), a putty knife, or even a credit card. 

Step Three: Remove The Old Glue

After the decals are peeled off of the vehicle, you will need to remove the adhesive glue. As the adhesive is very sticky, it will take a lot of effort to remove. Gather the proper tools to successfully remove the glue. Tools that can be helpful are rapid remover adhesive remover or Goo Gone. You may also need a razor to scrape some of the excesses after you spray on adhesive remover. Use paper towels to clean the area after scraping off the glue. 

Step Four: Remove Any Oxidation

Finally, after the adhesive is removed, there may still be oxidation left where the decals once were. Discoloration in the areas where the decals were is common. In order to remove the discoloration, you will need to remove the oxidation. To do this, you will need to apply a heavy-duty oxidation remover. Rub onto the vehicle with a cloth. Then rub the excess away with a separate cloth. After you have done this, the discoloration should not be as visible. 

How to Remove Decals From Fiberglass 

Removing decals from fiberglass can be difficult if you don’t follow the proper process. Vinegar is a very effective way to remove decals on fiberglass. Begin by immersing a paper towel in vinegar, then lay it flat over the decal. Leave the paper towel on the area for 10 minutes, then remove it. You will then be able to peel away the decal with your fingernail. Keep some vinegar nearby as you may need it to remove any remaining adhesive from the fiberglass. 

Decals are a great way to remember destination vacations. Displaying these on your RV serves as a conversation starter, while also giving you bragging rights about where you’ve been in the world. Or perhaps you enjoy bumper stickers that display your family, announce your political views, or that you are a proud parent of an A student. Yet, at some point, you may choose to remove these decals. With the proper tools, it is possible to remove them and remove any trace of them. 

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