How To Measure RV Skylight

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If you’re a big outside person, you probably thought about investing in an RV. RVs are great for when you camp frequently enough that you want to do it in style. You get the great feeling of being outdoors but without the bugs and snakes sneaking into your sleeping bag. Anywhere from 2 beds to about 6 depending on the size of your RV. The greatest allure from most people is indoor plumbing. Nobody wants to have that comedy moment of accidentally wiping with poison ivy. If you want to watch the stars at night but don’t want to leave the safety of the RV, you can invest in a skylight. Before you can have the skylight made, the manufacturers need to know the size.

Step by Step guide on How to Measure for your New RV Skylight

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First, you have to choose the right location for your skylight. Check your ceiling for where you have any air conditioning units. Wires for the A/C unit can get in the way of where you cut through the ceiling. There are also wires for all the lights and other electrical parts in the vehicle. If you have a specific location that you love to go to, try to get the skylight in a location that is best for the sun. Look for the thinnest part of the roof as it requires less labor in making the hole.

Next, you have to consider the available sizes for your sunroof. The skylight has to allow for a certain amount of space on the sides to maintain structural integrity on the vehicle. If unsure of what your vehicle can handle, talk with a professional. Also, it cost money to make custom skylights so if the company already has a premade one and it is close to your desired size, that will be cost-effective. 

Different Kinds of RV Skylights

Fixed dome skylights are great and are relatively lower cost than the rest. The dome shape prevents water from pooling near the bottom. This can either leak into the RV or drop into the RV and do damage to the things under it. These skylights do not open but do allow for more light to be in the RV. 

Ventilating skylights open up on a hinge to get that open-air coming through. There isn’t as much light coming through but the airflow is refreshing for those long trips inside. Nets and covers exist to prevent bugs and mosquitoes from entering your camper. These can come in manual or electronic versions. The manuals come with a lever that you have to use to open and close but the electronic ones can be lifted and closed with the press of a button.

Tinted skylights are for those locations where the sun works harder than most. These tints add an extra layer of protection from those UV rays. Your interior won’t be as hot as with the other skylights because the tint prevents your leather interior from being dried out, cracked, and sun-bleached.

Benefits of Adding an RV Skylight

There are some health benefits to RV skylights. One of them is the fresh air circulation. You can open your skylight and have extra air circulation through the vehicle. The air circulation makes for better air quality and prevents the RV from getting too stuffy. It can also prevent molding inside your vehicle. The skylight is also a quick escape from emergencies.

Skylights also have more aesthetically pleasing benefits as well. When camping, you can look through and watch the night stars. This helps those that love nature feels more connected to the world as you pass. The best part is that natural sunlight in the day gives a more welcoming feel to the RV. The majority of people’s issue with RVs is how it seems like you live on a bus. That natural light will turn your bus home into a tiny home (but on wheels).

They can also give the illusion of a bigger RV. The skylight adding in that ray of sunshine gives the room a more spacious feel. It has a similar effect as large windows in a home. It makes the room more inviting.

Visit our website if you want to have a skylight installed in your RV today. For more information on RV’s and their features, visit our website. If you have any more questions not already answered by our FAQ, contact us and we’ll answer them as best as we can. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is standard skylight size?

A standard skylight size is 14×22 inches.

Can you cover up a skylight?

Yes. You can cover up a skylight with an external cover, UV reflective film, or a thermal blind.

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