How to Level a Travel Trailer on a Permanent Site

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If you own a camper trailer or rent one, then you understand how fun it is to use them for travel and leisure. Camper trailers are great for traveling solo or taking the whole family along. Whether you are taking them on the road for a short weekend or going on a long vacation getaway, they are ideal for easy travel. 

When traveling with a trailer, you will need to map out some trailer sites where you can spend the night. These sites include hookups for water and sewage, which are essential for using your trailer’s amenities. The most important thing to do when you arrive at a trailer site is to level your trailer. If you do not level your trailer, it could roll away with or without you inside of it, causing serious damage to itself and the trailers around it. Also, if your trailer isn’t level, items will most likely fall inside your trailer, and the toilet or sink may not work. Basically, if the trailer isn’t perfectly level, you will notice right away. Owning a trailer is a big responsibility and in order to take good care of it, you will need to plan ahead and make sure it will be safe at your destination. 

Are Permanent Travel Trailer Spots Level?

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How to level a travel trailer on a permanent site

You are probably wondering if trailer sites are usually level. The bottom line is that unless you are staying at a site that has a professionally made concrete slab, the site probably isn’t level. Whether your chosen camping site is in the woods or at the beach, the land just isn’t going to be completely level, which is why you need to level your trailer yourself. 

How to Level your Camper Trailer?

Leveling your camper trailer isn’t as hard as it looks. Lots of camper trailer owners are hesitant to stay at trailer sites because they are worried about leveling their trailers. Here is a step-by-step guide for leveling your camper trailer. If you follow this guide, you won’t have any issues staying at a camper site. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Pick a Spot That is as Level as Possible

When you arrive at your campsite, choose a spot that is as level as possible. This will help your trailer stay as secure as possible for your stay. Also, the more level your spot is, the easier it will be to level your trailer. 

2. Clear the Area as Much as Possible

Don’t have clutter around your trailer when leveling it. Having random items in the way of leveling your trailer can cause damage. 

3. Check the Trailer Using a Level

You can get a trailer level at any hardware store. This tool is essential for leveling a camper trailer. 

4. Place Your Leveling Blocks Near the Trailer’s Tires

Leveling blocks can be bought at hardware stores as well. When leveling your camper, these blocks are placed around the camper wheels accordingly, depending on the angle you are leaning towards to level your trailer. 

5. Drive Your Trailer onto the Blocks

For this part of the job, you will need at least two people. You need to back your trailer up to your blocks and adjust accordingly, so your trailer is sitting perfectly on the blocks. 

6. Place Wheel Chocks to Keep Your Trailer in Place

Next, use your wheel chocks to keep the trailer in place. It would be helpful to have at least one other person helping you with this part as well. The more people helping you, the faster leveling your trailer will be. 

7. Lower the Tongue Jack

Before lowering the tongue jack, you should place a piece of wood underneath. This will prevent the tongue from going into the dirt, which may cause things to become unlevel again. Once the wood is in the right spot, you can lower the tongue jack. 

8. Unhitch the Tow Vehicle

Now that the tongue jack is lowered and things are stabilized, you can unhitch the tow vehicle. Don’t do this until you are almost done. 

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9. Check the Level Again – But This Time, it Should Be from Front to Back

Check your level to see if your camper trailer is now stable. Check the level from front to back because sometimes the front may still be higher or lower than the back end. 

10. Use the Trailer’s Stabilizing Jacks

Once you are sure that the trailer is level, you can stabilize it with jacks. This is the final step! Now, your trailer is level and stabilized, and ready for a great trip.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, leveling your camper trailer isn’t very difficult. Having a few people to help you is essential, as some of the tasks really are a two-person job. Once you are done leveling your trailer, you can start enjoying your getaway!

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