How to Get Rid of Your Old Motorhome

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Your home away from home has become a hovel, and the headache of getting rid of it outweighs the nostalgia. We have compiled a list of ways below to help free yourself from your old motorhome.

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1. Sell Your Motorhome to a Scrap Yard

Bring it to a scrap yard, and they’ll give around $500 for your motorhome. They base this on the value of the estimated scrap metal weight you are bringing them. Many scrap yards already know that motorhomes have fiberglass, porcelain, and laminated parts they cannot salvage. 

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Expect a flat rate and little wiggle room for negotiation, but the trade-off is a quick transaction and little hassle.

2. Strip it Down Yourself and Part it Out

Try maximizing the amount you get for your motorhome by selling it piecemeal. Sell parts that scrap yards would junk to the right buyers and earn a tidy profit. Make a game out of it. Sell an inverter for a few bucks, get more for good tires and maybe luck out with a valuable vintage item.

Selling this way requires time, but you might also learn a lot in the process. Bring the rest to the scrap yard and take their flat rate with a smile.

3. Donate Your Motorhome for a Tax Break

Help trade school students or possibly provide a home for the less fortunate via non-profit organizations. You get to write off the donation for a tax break and feel good about helping others. 

Many workers at non-profits and trade schools are experienced at handling such donations. This leads to less hassle for you in terms of paperwork and possibly transportation. 

4. Sell Your Old Motorhome to a Private Party

Consider finding a buyer for your motorhome if it still runs smoothly and looks great. Pricing your motorhome might prove difficult, though good appraisers can help. 

Selling poses another issue if there are few potential buyers in your area even after advertising locally. Online sites can connect you to many buyers, but transportation proves problematic if they live far away.

5. Convert it for a Lodging Property

Put the motorhome out to pasture in a choice location and turn it into usable accommodations. Wonky driving capability matters little when they decommission it and remove driving components. Retiring your motorhome to an auto-campground makes parting with it a little easier.

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6. Sell it on Consignment or Use it as a Trade-in

Dealerships charge you to house your motorhome and then take a cut of the sales. They handle the paperwork and the whole selling process so you can bypass all the stress involved.

That high-end model might just become a possibility if you also trade in your current motorhome. Some dealerships offer deals on new RVs when you trade in your old one.

7. Sell it to a Junk Dealer

Junk dealers will probably offer you about the same amount as a scrapyard. Their profit comes from selling the parts they can and then finding a scrapyard to take leftovers. 

They do what you would do when breaking it down but with more experience and connections to move parts more quickly. Remove anything inside with personal information; you never know where it will go.

8. Reach Out to Online RV Communities

RV communities are expanding and cropping up all over the place. Post a fair offer and an honest rundown of your specs. Your fixer-upper may be precisely what a new enthusiast wants, and so begins the RV adventure for the next generation.


How much does it cost to get rid of an RV?

How much it costs to get rid of an RV depends on the method you choose. Donating it and giving it away cost you nothing in terms of money. However, taking it to the dump costs around $500. 

How do you get rid of an RV without a title?

How we get rid of an RV without a title is less important than having a title for the RV. Using an RV or getting rid of one without a title is illegal in some states. You should follow the multi-step process and pay the associated fees outlined by the DMV to get a proper title.

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How much is a trailer worth in scrap?

How much a trailer is worth in scrap depends on its components. Iron cost about $0.10 per pound. Aluminum costs $0.15-$0.60 per pound with an average of $0.39 after removing all the screws. Bare bright copper scrap can command $2.57 per pound; however, it requires lots of cleaning. You must then pay to dispose of piles of non-recyclable material like particleboard, sheetrock and fiberglass insulation.

Parting Thoughts

Getting rid of your old motorhome is as difficult as you choose to make it. Decide on your goals and how much effort you’re willing to put into achieving it. Then, pick a method that matches. 

Share your thoughts on getting rid of motorhomes and come back for more RV content!

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