How To Dump RV Waste at Home

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You know you need to dump your RV waste tanks, but sometimes you’re not near a waste station or RV park. Did you know that this can easily be taken care of at home? It can save you time, effort and cash at the same time. 

But what’s the best way to safely and properly dispose of your waste at home? Is it legal? Can I use a septic tank? 

Those are the answers we are going to share with you in this step guide on how to dump RV waste at home. Proper RV waste removal is important, so never consider just dumping your RV waste wherever you please. 

So grab your gloves and let’s get started.

How Do I Know If My Tanks Are Full? 

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Checking your RV tanks every few days is the easiest way to tell if they are full. Most RV tanks have indicators to show you how full the tanks are. If you don’t have indicators, just keep track of how many people you have in the RV and estimate toilet usage. 

How Often Should I Empty My Black Water Tank?

How often should you empty your black water tank? It’s recommended to wait until the tank gets at least two-thirds full before dumping. Your tanks need time to properly break down solid waste.

How To Dispose of RV Waste at Home

The Residential Sewer Line and Septic Tank Methods

Follow these steps:

Note: in case things get nasty, always wear the right protective gear like gloves and goggles.

  1. Once you find your septic tank or sewer line access port, go ahead and open the cap.
  2. Now it’s time to connect your black tank’s waste hose to your RV
  3. Plug the other end of the waste hose into the sewer port. Make sure the hose goes deep enough inside the port to prevent any over spillage
  4. IMPORTANT: Be absolutely certain your waste hose is going into the “SOLID WASTE” portion of the sewer port and NOT THE “STORM DRAIN” port
  5. Next open your black tank and drain out the waste
  6. Don’t forget to thoroughly flush out your black tanks after draining them
  7. Next, go ahead and repeat the procedure for the grey water tank
  8. You might be wondering why you should drain the tanks in a particular order. This is because the black tank contains the nastiest items. The hose can be cleaned with the soap from the flushing out of the grey water tank
  9. After cleaning the hose, you can disconnect from the sewer port

That’s it, job done!

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Using the Bucket Method

It may not be for everyone, but the bucket method is a simple way to dispose of RV waste at home. All you need are a waste hose, a water supply, and a bucket or trash can. The Bucket Method of RV dumping is an environmentally sound and cost-efficient way of disposing of RV waste. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Attach your black water tank’s waste hose to your RV 
  2. Aim the hose into the bucket or trash can.
  3. Open your waste tank port on your RV and drain into your container 
  4. Take the container to your toilet and dispose of it there 
  5. Repeat as necessary 
  6. Close the waste tank ports
  7. Remove the waste tank hose

Now all you have to do is flush out your black or grey tanks to get any other waste out. 

The Macerator Method

A macerator is a specialized grinder that turns the contents of a black tank into a near paste, extending dump cycles. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Connect the waste hose from your black water holding tank to the inlet valve of the macerator pump.
  2. Take the long hose from the outlet valve of the macerator and secure it to the sewer intel or hold it over the toilet. Go ahead and turn on the macerator.
  3. Get the black tank drain valve open and empty the black tank. Flush out the tank after draining, then turn off the macerator pump.
  4. Clean the waste hose and disconnect from the sewer port and the black tank. Then you can close off the black tank valve.


Is It Legal To Dump RV Tanks At Home?  

Is It Legal To Dump RV Tanks At Home? Yes for the most part, but only in approved sewer/septic systems. Always check your city regulations. 

Is It Legal To Dump RV Tanks Into My Septic System?

Is It Legal To Dump RV Tanks Into My Septic System? Again yes for the most part. All states are governed by their own regulations. Always be sure to check your state and city laws.


We hope you enjoyed this time and money-saving step-by-step article on how to dump your RV waste at home. No matter where you stay, you will need to take care of your waste.

Properly disposing of your RV waste protects you and your family from illness. It puts less stress on your RV’s plumbing and ensures that you are prepared for the next trip.

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