How to Build a Jack Knife Sofa

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Maybe you just purchased an RV or maybe you had your RV for a while, are you thinking about renovating? Just like a house, owning an RV, your living space is important and you want to feel like you’re at home.

Maybe you are looking for better comfort, something more to your style, more floor space or even something worth better quality. You might want to consider upgrading to a Jack Knife Sofa. 

If you are looking to build a Jack Knife Sofa, One of the first things you will notice is that it looks like a standard sofa, but it can be pulled out and used as a bed. All you have to do is pull the seat of the sofa out and lay it down. 

The Jack Knife Sofa converts into a bed of high-density foam, and the steel spring seat supports provide a sturdy base. The steel-framed furniture easily converts from a sofa to a sleep surface.

Don’t worry about building the RV sofa. You won’t spend hours trying to figure out how to build a Jack Knife Sofa, because in this article we’ll explain how to build a Jack Knife Sofa.

How To Build A Jack Knife Sofa? Explained

  • Consider what the size of your Jack Knife Sofa will be. Jack Knife sofa ranges between 58-72 inches
  • Remove the old pull-out sofa. Reach inside to remove the screws which lock the sofa base to the floor of the RV.
  • Weight and comfortability. Research the weight it should be for your space and think about the comfortability you want in your RV. The weight will be lighter than traditional sofas. Example: 93 lb.
  • Install steel springs. Consider the durability of the bed. The more durable, the heavier the frame will be. A frame with more springs will be uncomfortable.
  • Connect the frame. The frame connects to the Jack Knife Sofa which is why it should be durable.
  • Add Foam. Be careful not to add too much foam, consider thickness. The furniture has to be folded down to become a sofa. 

Ideal size of a jack knife sofa for RV

What is the ideal size of a Jack Knife Sofa for an RV? 

The lengths are 62″, 68″, and 72″, and 1 1/2″ of clearance is required behind the sofa to fold it down into the bed position.

Ways to Make an RV Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable

What are ways to make an RV Jack Knife Sofa Comfortable? 

  1. Use an Egg Crate Foam Pad. 

    Egg-crate foam pads are really soft. These pads are breathable because of the airflow between the foam particles.
  1. Use A Mattress Topper with Foam Pipe Insulation.

    To add comfort to the sofa, use the foam pipe insulation, next put the mattress topper on it and then you can lay a bed sheet on top. The thickness of the topper should be about 2 inches. It should be foldable and easy to store away.

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  1. Use A Quilt. 

    One of the cheapest ways is using a quilt. Be sure it’s twice the size of your Jack Knife Sofa. When you fold the quilt in half, you will now get extra layers of comfort.
  1. Foam Pipe or Pool Noodles.

    Adding the Pool Noodles or a Foam Pipe will allow you to cover the crack between the seat and the back of the sofa. Afterward, you can put a quilt or comforter on top for comfort.
  1. Use A Futon.

    In order for your Jack Knife Sofa to be comfortable using a Fulton, you will need to ​refurbish it some without reupholstering it. 
  • Begin by making sure you have your Jack Knife Sofa in a bed position, then find a Futon cover that matches your sofa. 
  • Next to fit the Futon to the sofa tightly tuck the Fulton into the sofa.
  • Use Self-inflating Air Pads.

To use Self-inflating air pads, just lay them on top of the Jack Knife Sofa. Self-inflating pads already have cell-foam insulation, when you open the valve, the foam will inflate and the air will expand.

How Do You Cover A Jack Knife Sofa?

You can find a sofa cover that matches your Jack Knife Sofa in any furniture store.

Now that you are prepared in advance. After following these simple steps your building process will be much quicker and easier. You will be comfortable, in style, and have space!

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