How to Attach a TV Mount to An RV Wall

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A TV can really make your RV feel like home. It provides that comfort and practicality to any RV. You could be watching your favorite show or keeping up to date with the latest news. However, you can’t necessarily do this without properly securing a TV mount to your RV wall to keep your TV fixed in its position. 

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step on how to attach a TV mount to an RV wall. First, you’ll need a few tools:

Tools You Will Need:

Mount-it! Rv tv mount, lockable full motion tv wall mount designed specifically for rv or mobile home use single arm tilting and swiveling 42 inches max, 33 lb capacity, vesa 200 compatible

RV TV Mount

Black+decker 20v max cordless drill / driver with 30-piece accessories (ld120va)

Power Drill

Jiozermi 10 pcs magnetic phillips screwdriver bit set 2 inch long, ph2 phillips bits set, non-slip cross head electric screwdriver bits set 1/4" hex shank (ph2, 50mm)

Masonry and Phillips Head bits

Craftsman torpedo level, 9-inch (cmht82390) Level

[8pcs/set]nail free wall hook screw adhesive non-trace no drilling for bathroom shower kitchen installation hanging, waterproof transparent screws hook (nail size 10mm) Screw Adhesives (Optional)

Scotch painter's tape 2090-24ec3 original multi-surface painter’s tape, 0. 94" width, blue Painters Tape (Optional)

Cord cover raceway kit, 157in cable cover channel, paintable cord concealer system cable hider, cord wires, hiding wall mount tv powers cords in home office, 10x l15. 7in x w0. 95in x h0. 55in, white

Cable Covers (Optional)

How To Attach A Tv Mount To An Rv Wall?

1. Position Your TV Mount 

It can be quite the challenge to switch your TV’s height and viewing angle after installation unless you have an adjustable mount. Yet, even with that, there’s a limit on what you can do with the viewing angle of your TV. Make sure you take your time as you position your TV mount.  

2. Locate the RV Wall Studs

Find the wall studs to mount your TV into. There may be a sticker on the wall from the RV manufacturer that identifies the location of the TV backer. The sticker might not be in the location you want to mount your TV. So, drift your stud finder across the area of the location you chose and mark its position until you get a stud. 

3. Drill in the Pilot Holes 

Hold the mount up the chosen area of attachment on the RV wall, and use a level to keep it straight. You want to then mark the areas where you will drill in the holes. Drill the pilot holes in where you marked the areas at. You want to do this using the right masonry bit. 

4. Install the Mounting Bracket to Your RV Wall 

While holding the mount up against the RV wall, drill the mounting screws into the pilot holes. 

5. Connect the TV and the Mounting Plate

Locate the mounting plate attachment holes found in your TV to remove any packaging. If your TV so happens to have a stand, you should remove it now. After that, attach the plate to the back of your TV. You want to do this using the hardware that is included. 

6. Mount Your TV to Your RV Wall 

Lastly, you must lift up your TV. Line up the TV plate with the wall bracket. Then, connect them. 

Helpful Tips

DIY Canvas Replacement vs Hiring a Professional

A DIY Pop Up Camper canvas replacement will cost roughly somewhere between $150 and $300. Most travel trailer owners or pop-up campers prefer this way, but those new to this may need 2-3 days to finish recanvasing. For the expert DIYers here, it may take only about 5-7 hours to finish. 

If you’re hiring a professional, the job will be done in a few hours for around $400-$500. Hiring a pro allows you to request a canvas replacement for free if they fail to properly fix it because they have guarantees. Hiring a professional does cost a bit more, but it saves you time and energy.

Use Adhesives For The Screws

Removable hanging devices actually come with great advantages for trailers and motorhomes as well. They don’t damage the RV interior when you put them up, and they don’t damage it when you take them down. 

Consider using Velcro strips, adhesive hooks that quick-release when removing them or hook and loop fasteners. Adhesives specifically work well to keep items handy in the kitchen. It’s commonly used in the kitchen for cooking tools and plastic wrap and foil dispensers. 

Hide Cables

You can consider routing your cables through your RV wall or neatly tie them together and tuck them behind any decor. This makes for a neater look. Ignore this option if your RV layout makes doing this impossible.


Can you use a regular TV mount in an RV?

Now you may wonder if regular TV mounts are usable in an RV. Well, they are. You can use a regular TV mount for any small light items, just as with your TV. Just be prepared to make holes in your rig’s wooden fixtures. Keep in mind that these light items can bang around during transit, unlike a properly mounted, stored television. Make sure that you take them down when you start driving.

How thick are the studs in the RV walls?

When attaching your TV mount to your RV wall, you may question the thickness of the studs in RV walls. You’ll find most RV walls to be around 2 to 2½ inches thick. The interior walls are quite thin paneling and are normally made from vinyl, MPF(Medium Density Fiberboard) or composite plywood.


With this step-by-step guide, you should now be able to attach a TV mount to your RV wall. For more information, visit our website or contact us today.

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