How Much To Replace Canvas on a Pop Up Camper

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In order to have a truly great camping experience, you need to make sure all of your equipment remains in peak condition. Pop-up campers can help make the camping experience a little bit more comfortable and convenient. However, they sometimes need a little bit of maintenance to keep them working correctly. Properly maintaining your pop-up camper includes replacing its canvas should the need arise.

But how much does this replacement cost? When might you need to replace it? Can you replace the canvas on your own? Stay tuned as we answer all these questions and more.

How Much does it Cost to Replace the Canvas on a Pop-Up Camper?

Goldline glrvpu1214ta pop up camper covers by eevelle | waterproof fabric gray (12-14 feet, tan)

The exact amount you can expect to pay to replace the canvas on your pop-up camper depends on a number of factors. In general, the price can range from $900 to $1500 for a full replacement. Older campers typically have cheaper canvas costs, while replacing the canvas with newer ones will cost more. Additionally, the cost varies depending on whether or not you hire a professional.

The cost of the canvas alone will hovers somewhere around $1000, depending on the exact canvas and camper you have. From there, you can expect to pay upwards of $500 for a professional installation. Doing it yourself saves a few bucks but having a professional do it saves time and often results in a higher quality fix.

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Finally, how much it costs to fix the canvas depends on whether you want to patch a small section or replace the entire thing. A full replacement typically lasts longer, but it also costs more. Consider the status of your current canvas so that you can determine whether a patch job will suffice. If you have several holes in your canvas or it is breaking through all over, replacing it could end up saving you money in the long run.

When to Replace Canvas on a Pop-Up Camper

There will not usually be a specific time frame for how often you need to replace a pop-up camper’s canvas. How often you use it and the conditions of its use and storage play a huge role in the condition of the canvas. Keep the following in mind for when you should replace the canvas:

  • The more often you use a camper, the weaker the canvas becomes
  • Replace when the zippers break or no longer create a seal
  • Replace or repair in the event of damage to the canvas
  • Replace when it gets moldy and you cannot clean it all off
  • Replace if you close the camper without allowing it to fully dry

Professional vs. DIY Canvas Replacement

Like anything when it comes to repairs, you can teach yourself how to do it or you can hire a professional to do it for you. The same applies to camper canvas replacement. Before you go about replacing your canvas, you want to spend a lot of time understanding exactly what you need to do. From there, you can give it a shot and try to replace it yourself.

The process of replacing the canvas yourself will take a few days to complete. This includes hearing how to do it and getting used to working with the materials. On the other hand, you can hire a professional to replace it in only a matter of hours. So if you need the job done quickly, a professional will almost always save time.

Whether or not you decide to hire a professional to replace your canvas or just do it yourself depends on time, money, and ability. If you feel like saving some money and have time to spare, you can replace the canvas on your own. But if you want to save time and want a higher quality job, consider hiring a professional. Of course, the quality of that job depends on the professional you hire. 


What kind of Canvas do you use for a pop-up camper?

Pop-up campers typically use either cotton or vinyl canvases. The specific material depends on the model of the camper. Cotton canvases are usually more heavy-duty, making them less prone to damage. However, vinyl canvases dry more easily and weigh less than cotton ones.

How long does the canvas last?

The lifetime of a canvas depends on its storage and use history. Infrequent use and proper storage mean that the canvas will last much longer. However, if you improperly store even a new camper you may need to replace the canvas immediately due to mold or other issues. In general, you can expect your camper’s canvas to last between 10 and 15 years of regular use and proper storage.

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