How Much Does an RV Inspection Cost?

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Thinking about buying an RV? There are many factors to take into consideration. First, it’s a big purchase, so you want to make sure you’re getting a quality product for your money. Second, it’s a motorhome — it’s almost like purchasing your second home. There are appliances, plumbing, mechanics, so many things that need to be functioning properly for it to be of any value to you. If it’s a used RV, you have even more reason to be concerned. Sounds like you need an RV inspection. But how much does an RV inspection cost? We’ll give you the answer to that and everything you need to know concerning your RV inspection.

How Much Does an RV Inspection Cost?

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An RV inspection can cost anywhere from $40 to $1,200 depending on some factors that include the size and type of RV you have. The cost will also be determined by the type of inspection you have. There are three types of RV inspections to note: Pre-purchase inspection, mandatory state inspection and mandatory camper inspection.

Types of RV Inspections

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Determining the cost of an RV inspection isn’t as simple as you may think. The type of inspection you have is a determining factor in that price. We’ll talk about them here:

1. Pre-Purchase Inspection

The pre-purchase inspection is the most expensive and takes the longest. Depending on the level of inspection you have (level 1 or level 2), the inspection can take a few hours or several days. With a pre-purchase inspection, the entire RV needs to be inspected fully to ensure it’s safe, nothing’s broken or missing, and that you know what you’re getting when you pay for it. 

Every aspect of the RV gets a full checkup. This is not a visual inspection. The inspector uses tools to precisely measure, seals are checked, gadgets and hardware is scrutinized, and other little details. 

The exterior is fully examined from the ground up to check for cracks and unrepairable parts. 

You do have options with this though. You can choose to only have the mechanics inspected or have the full interior and exterior inspected.

Level 1 RV Inspections

As part of the pre-purchasing process, a level 1 inspection ensures your RV is safe to be on the road. This inspection takes about three hours to complete, and would check all of the following:

  1. The functionality and wear of the pad and the braking system.
  2. The conditions of each of the tires.
  3. The state of the frame.
  4. The lights and wiring.

Level 2 RV Inspections

A level 2 RV inspection takes about 8 hours; this includes lab work on the RVs fluids. Lab work can take several days to get back. This includes engine check and all fluids.

In all, the pre-purchase inspections include:

  1. Complete exterior including the undercarriage. 
  2. Functionality of tires and wheels.
  3. Accident or flood damage.
  4. Cracks in windows.
  5. Check of drive components: 4-wheel and all-wheel. 
  6. Steering, suspension, braking systems and exhaust.
  7. Engine and transmission.
  8. All fluids.
  9. Doors and roof.
  10. Complete check of interior: furniture, cabinets, facilities.
  11. Generator and appliances.
  12. Lights, A/C, and electrical systems.
  13. Interior upholstery, mats, seat belts, and other finishes.

2. Mandatory State Inspection

Every state has different requirements for how often to have your RV inspected. Most states do require some type of inspection as a requirement to be it being on the road. At the least, you would be required to have an emissions test. The inspection could include checking the lights, brakes, tires, and suspension system.

3. Mandatory Camper Inspection

Campers need to be inspected too, and those requirements vary from state to state. In most states, the weight of the camper determines how often it would need to be inspected. This type of inspection usually includes the brakes and frames and ensuring the wiring harness and flights are all working well.

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4. Cost Per Utility

Now that we know what an inspection entails, let’s look a little closer at what the cost may be per utility type.

5. Motorhome Inspection Costs

Motorhome inspections will cost anywhere from $150 to $1,200. Of course, the smaller the motorhome, the less the inspection cost. 

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6. Camper Inspection Costs

A pre-purchase inspection for a Class C camper or Class B campervan will be anywhere from $150 to $300.

Related Questions:

Should I get an RV Inspection?

Getting an inspection of your RV is a worthy investment because it provides peace of mind before putting so much money into a vehicle. It also provides assurance when you’re on the road for days, weeks, or months at a time.

How long does an RV inspection last?

Each state has its own set of requirements when it comes to RV inspections. Check with your local DMV to learn the requirements in your state.

Can I do my own RV inspection? You can do your own pre-purchase inspection; however, only professional inspectors can do the mandatory state inspections.


Purchasing an RV is a major investment. But rest assured, you can feel safe and have peace of mind knowing mandatory inspections are in place and there are even sound opportunities for you to know the full functionality of the vehicle you’re purchasing before the paper is exchanged.

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